Nimni Cream HydroPeptide Facial month of November



Retinol, peptides and patented Collagen Support Complex

Added to every facial for the month of November.  Reserve your hydrating Facial now – new YOU new Skin

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Need  a fresh start to end the summer!  Try my new LED collagen building light treatment.

Light Stim is the Light for the Stars…Voted BEST LED machine in the industry.

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What is the difference between Dermabrasion and a Chemical Peel?

Dermabrasion is a topical exfoliation, sloughing off the top layer of the epidermis.  Removing the dull dry skin.

Chemical Peel works on a cellular level, increasing cell renewal.  I like to consider a Peel an injury to the skin, “killing” off the old cells and creating cell renewal.

Chemical Peels can result in a light shedding (peel) of the skin.  There are many types of peels, some where you actually peel and some that you don’t at all.

The combination of Dermabrasion and a peel is a wonderful exfoliation and may require a couple days downtime – or none at all depending on the skin type.

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Carla Martino Skin Care

Facial with peptides

Peptides are regenerating which are comprised of amino acids to suppress the chemical messengers which trigger the body’s acute inflammatory response which lead to accelerated aging.  Leaving on the Glymed peptide mask for 10-12 mins which is applied at the end of the facial, will soften the fine lines and calm the inflammation.  The end of the facial more peptides are added as a moisturizer containing 4 peptides.

Don’t forget your sunblock!!


What is a MicroCurrent Facial?


This treatment by the revolutionary Neurotris Microcurrent Machine is relaxing and non-invasive. This service decreases fine lines, builds and tones muscle, increases collagen and elastin. Within one treatment you will notice more balanced pigment due to increased circulation.  Carla Martino Skin Care uses the finest Microcurrent machine available to give you the healing and long-lasting rejuvenation we’re all looking for.  To get outstanding results, book your MicroCurrent Facial NOW!!

New line from Kerastase!



Introducing Aura Botanica – when

nature becomes a refined experience.

The new 96% natural origin hair care

line by @Kerastase_Official features

handpicked, responsibly sourced

Samoan Coconut Oil and Moroccan

Argan Oil in a breakthrough formula that

delivers incredible results and a

remarkable glow. Ask your stylist for

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What is ombre?

Blend of natural hair color to a lighter highlight on the ends. It’s one of the most popular looks this season, and its advantage is the ability to completely customize your style to showcase your features to their best advantage.

Noe Valley Salon has been creating new ombre looks since the look appeared on the style scene!